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  • Octoberfest - Oct 19th

  • Sign up for the Guadalupe Prayer Kit! 

    Later this year, Bishop Checchio will consecrate the Diocese on December 12, 2019 to Our Lady of Guadalupe. So this year is one of spiritual renewal and preparation for that event.  There will be a number of activities the LIFT ministry will be conducting during the year (stay tuned here for more info as these happen). The first of these is the passing of the Guadalupe "Prayer Kit," now underway at Masses on Saturday and Sunday. A number of families have signed up to receive the Prayer Kit in their home for a week to pray with other families in the Diocese during the week they have the kit; then to pass it on to another family. 

    If you have not already signed up to join your fellow parishioners to receive the Guadalupe  Prayer Kit for one week in your home, you can do so on lists that are in each vestibule.

  • Becoming A Catholic

    The parish "RCIA" process to become a Catholic is an exciting and fulfilling journey of faith: "From the awareness of Faith's stirrings and curiosity within one's heart. If you one of the growing number of good people who are experiecing the call to become a Catholic, answer the call and make the move to join the other wonderful folks in our RCIA program. 
    For more information or to discuss your interest in becoming a Catholic through our parish RCIA program, contact  Deacon Keith Berg at the Parish Office at 732-566-9334.
    We will be glad to help you understand how this this warm and exciting program program can work in your life. If you have recieved Communion and are seeking Confirmation - contact Deacon Keith for more information as well..

  • Daily Mass Readings

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    Learn more about joining our music ministry  -  sharing your voice, your instrument and your talent just stop by after Mass and talk to Tom Daily or Rick Hayes after the 10AM Mass, or come up the organ or speak to a choir member after the 11:30AM Mass.
    The Jonas Brothers started in church!